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Fire detectors are installed to protect the assets and premises against fire. Sometimes it may happen that installed detectors do not respond properly after a fire occurs and do not sound an alarm, which leads to serious damage to the property. To get an early warning and avoid immense damage, people need proper maintenance of detectors within a certain time interval.

The Importance of Testing Fire Detectors

A fire alarm system is an actual lifesaving system. In order to operate and communicate an alarm properly, it needs to be tested and maintained regularly.

  • It confirms Functionality
  • To protect people and property
  • Maintenance and testing reduce false alarms
  • Testing of fire detectors decrease liability claims
  • It will increase reliability

A simpler and smarter way to check if your Fire Detector is working properly or not!

Solo is the most popular range of test and maintenance equipment for smoke, heat, and CO detectors.

How it works?
  • Solo test heads connect to telescopic access poles to allow testing and maintenance of smoke, heat, and CO detectors to take place.
  • Once the relevant test head is connected, the pole can be raised and testing carried out.
  • Poles allow access to heights of up to 9 meters, making for easy and professional functional testing and removal of detectors.
  • Smoke and heat required for function testing is generated itself by the testing equipment as a replicate of fire smoke particles or heat particles which are inserted into fire detector.
  • Actual status will be shown on the fire alarm control panel connected to the system.
Why Solo for testing fire Detectors?
  • It ensures testing is in compliance with codes and standards
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Approved by detector manufacturers
  • Core product UL certified

A SOLO range consists of following for smoke & heat detector testers

1) Electrically generated smoke & heat detector testers:

It generates the smoke required for testing the detectors electrically.

Solo 365 smoke detector tester

  • An innovative tester for functional testing
  • Solo 365 delivers smoke via solo ES3 cartridge
  • It has a cartridge and capsules to generate smoke with an inbuilt battery

Solo 461 heat detector tester

  • It is designed specifically for the purpose of testing heat detectors.
  • It ensures safe and reliable testing with heat detectors
2) Aerosol based smoke & CO Aerosol Dispenser:

It introduces smoke through detector vents into the sensing chamber

Solo 330 Aerosol Dispenser

For functional tests, we need to introduce (simulated) smoke through the detector vents and into the sensing chamber. The Solo 330 dispenser is the most popular device for achieving this, benefiting as it does, from a cup big enough for the great majority of detectors.

3) Detector Testing Aerosols

Solo smoke & CO aerosols

Approved all over the world.

It delivers smoke particles to the detectors under test, replicating the smoke from a fire

4) Detector Removal & Installation Tool

Solo 200 Detector Removal

Tool Compatible with most detectors.

The Solo 200 features colour-coded heads which rotate to provide a combination of settings and lock into place to fit different sized detectors.

5) Solo Access Poles

Solo access poles are at the core of most fire engineer’s kit. The telescopic access poles allow detectors, installed at heights of up to 9 metres to be easily reached and tested.

Access poles save time, cost and disruption and reduce the risk and disruption posed by other access equipment such as towers and ladders.

Solo access poles are the only poles designed and approved for use with the Solo, Testifire and Trutest product ranges.

6) Solo Detector Testing Kit

The range of Solo testing tools are available in economical and convenient kit formats.

The contents of each are determined according to your individual testing needs.

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