For more than four decades, FFE has been at the forefront of creating exceptional fire detection solutions that safeguard valuable buildings and assets worldwide. Our cutting-edge products, such as Talentum and Fireray, have earned the trust of installers, distributors, and organizations.

Our commitment to fire detection and prevention led to the development of the world's leading smoke detection beam, Fireray the favored choice of many of the world's leading smoke detection distributors and installers.

Our Talentum® range was developed to provide early detection for industries where fast flame detection is critical.

Fireray® USPs

  • Available as a projected or reflective smoke detection solution.
  • Simple to install.
  • Cost-effective solution thanks to its 2-wire cable system from the controller to the detector.
  • Suitable for historic/ listed buildings where aesthetics are an important consideration.
  • Suitable for hazardous areas, areas of high condensation, and buildings with high ceilings.

Talentum® USPs

  • Available for indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Flame-proof, explosion-proof, and high ambient temperature options.
  • The internal self-test capability gives the highest immunity to false-flame sources.
  • Detects invisible flames from fuels such as Hydrogen and other inorganic fuels.
  • Immune to the effects of wind, draughts, and sunlight.

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