Add aesthetic value to your workplace with an Interactive Display by Newline.

The way people operate in office space today is changing as the world moves towards the latest technology. Today, advanced communication and presentation mediums have become very popular in offices. Interactive displays are one of the few technologies that are commonly used in offices, meeting rooms, and boardrooms, particularly for meetings.

Advanced interactive displays allow us to collaborate with partners all over the world, initiate face-to-face meetings, allow multiple participants to wirelessly cast their content, add a fun element to presentations by engaging everyone in a session, and facilitate group discussions with multi-touch capabilities. Interactive flat panels will increase productivity and ensure optimum utilisation of time.

Newline: The largest manufacturer of interactive displays and white boards in the world.

As an all-in-one solution for immersive, unified, and effective collaboration, Newlines offers a wide range of interactive touch panels with wireless and the latest Android-based technology.

  • With effective cameras, microphone array, and speakers all seamlessly integrated into the interactive display, you can directly start the meeting once entering the office.
  • Stronger network collaboration with securing data useful for employees in meetings. Opening the files using the cloud and inbuilt apps will allow easy collaboration anywhere at any time.
  • With its lightweight slim frame design, it offers built-in OS support, embedded tools and a personalised interface to collaborate in schools and offices.
  • 4K optically bounded display with upgraded IR touch technology for the most intuitive and smoothest writing experience.
  • It allows you to write and work on a multi-touch panel at the same time, and sources can be switched by remote. There is no need to walk up to access the interactive panel.

The Advantages of Newline Whiteboards:

  • By logging in via credentials, white boards offer easy access to Google Drive to manage images and files during meetings.
  • Easily capture the content in an image or PDF file and wirelessly transfer it out to other devices via QR code.
  • Interaction can be enhanced by multitasking and collaboration on up to three split-screens with independent tool bars.
  • We can easily upload the images from a USB drive and have an easy object recognition facility that can differentiate the fingers, stylus, palm, and react as a marker, thin pen, or eraser.

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