Secure Your Outdoor Space with Wireless Intrusion Detector by OPTEX

Outdoor intrusion detection has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ease of installation and control. One such product line that has gained a reputation for reliability and accuracy is the Optex Shield series of wireless detectors.

The BX Shield series is a range of outdoor curtain motion sensors with up to 12 metres of detection on each side. The BX Shield is ideal for detecting people within the immediate boundary of your home or office premises.

Independent left/right motion detection and CCTV connection
The sensor can be easily connected to a fixed or PTZ CCTV camera to send visual alarms when people are seen entering the immediate boundary of the premises without authorization.

Versatile design
To blend with the environment, black and silver face covers are available. It means it’s designed with the installer in mind and has anti-masking facilities.

Four PIRs in one sensor for best reliability?
The BX Shield motion sensor features two passive infrared beams, one pointing towards the floor and one pointing away from the sensor, both beams need to trigger to confirm the detection: this system allows to ignore small to medium-sized dogs and detect only people.

AND logic functions to reduce false alarms
The BX Shield only triggers an alarm signal when both upper and lower areas detect movement.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • House

Key Features

  • Wireless curtain PIR up to 12 m per side with anti-masking
  • Completely independent detection setting per side
  • Versatile and easy-to-install design
  • Not affected by environment or small animals

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Understanding the uses of Video Surveillance System in Manufacturing Industry

The modern world has become highly competitive and demanding in every sector. As the market demand increases, manufacturing companies are expected to scale up and produce more goods. But minor security and safety issues can slow down the manufacturing process.

These security and safety concerns can be easily solved through Video Surveillance Systems.

Installing a Video Surveillance System in a manufacturing plant can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Monitor employee safety, identify potential hazards, and ensure that safety protocols are followed.
  • Monitor production lines and ensure the quality control standards
  • Help analyze video footage to identify the areas for process improvement.
  • Help monitor operation remotely from any location.
  • To investigate and determine the cause of any problem.
  • To gather evidence in legal proceedings.

Specialized Eocortex Video Analytics for manufacturing makes it easy for you by offering the following functionalities:

  • License Plate Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Failover
  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Tracking
  • Face Detection
  • Hard Hats Detection
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Loud Sound Detection
  • Smoke and Fire Detection
  • Sabotage Detection

From improving safety and productivity to reducing losses and protecting assets, these systems are a must for any modern manufacturing operation.

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Go Wireless Live Effortless

An engineer asked some questions to ChatGPT about wireless technology and its uses.
See how it responded to his questions.

1. What is wireless technology?

Wireless technology refers to communication systems that use wireless signals to transfer data between devices without any physical cables or wires.

2. How many types of wireless controls are available on the market?
Serval types of wirless controls available in the market are:

  • IR & RF Remote Controls
  • Zigbee
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC ( Near field Communication)
  • Cellular
  • Zigbee RF4CE
  • Zigbee 3.0

The choice of wireless control technology will depend on the specific application and requirements of the system.

3. How many segments in a home need to have smart controls?
It depends on individuals’ needs and preferences. Some common areas that people typically automate in their homes are lights, temperature control, security, and entertainment systems.

The number of segments that need smart control ultimately depends on the homeowner’s desired level of convenience and automation.

4. Is wireless technology more beneficial to home automation than a wired system, and if so, how?
Yes, When compared to a wired system, wireless technology can be advantageous for home automation. It give benefits like

  • Convenience
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalability

A wired system can provide more stable and secure connections, so the choice between the two will depend on the specific requirements of automation.

5. Where can I find the wireless automation and security solution in Ahmedabad?
I’m sorry, but I don’t have information on that.

There are some solutions ChatGPT can’t provide, but we can.
Looking for end-to-end automation and security solutions?

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Detect! Alert! And autonomously respond threats across premises

The most crucial purpose of any security system is to protect people and their properties. Burglary by an unauthorised person’s entry into the premises is one of the important factors to be considered when thinking about security solutions.

Visonic offers security solutions whose aim is to monitor and detect unauthorised access to premises. These systems are used for a variety of purposes in both residential and commercial buildings. It protects premises from burglary, vandalism, property damage, and the security of individuals inside buildings.

Visonic intrusion alarms offer complete security. Wireless panels for burglar alarms like special detectors for windows, doors, sensors, motion sensors, glass break detectors, sirens, etc.

An integrated security solution will detect the presence of intruders and send alerts in the event of a security incident.
Let’s have a look at a simple integrated intrusion alarm system for the home.

Control Panels:

Every intrusion system is equipped with its brain. Almost all of the devices installed as a part of intrusion system is connected with control panel via wired or wireless communication When intrusion system is armed or any detector is in the action the alarm panels wakes up and produces its desired action such as strobe, siren silent alarm. An alert Notification send to your mobile or tablet.

Keypads are generally used as an ideal solution for controlling basic alarm functions from different location in the home or small business premises and is compatible with the power Master family of intrusion alarm system.

Most alarm systems have some form of keypad, which is used to turn the system on and off, this is also known as arming and disarming. The keypad activates and deactivates certain devices that are connected to the security alarm system.

Intrusion Alarm Devices

Intrusion alarm devices perform a variety of functions, and they are designed to work together seamlessly to provide security solutions for unique facilities.

Intruder detectors’ primary function is to detect any suspicious activity on the premises and notify the owners to secure their property. Detectors are commonly installed on main doors, fixed or sliding glass windows, and doors from which intruders may enter.

Here are some options for how to install a security detector in your home and how they protect your property.

Outdoor PIR Detector (Tower CAM PG2)
An innovative wireless outdoor PIR is perfect solution for instant capture of thieves in outdoor areas like garden in the premises, outside of home. Camera immediately starts recording when an alarm is activated. Camera range is same as PIR coverage so its capture if anyone trying to come from garden area when owner has arms the system for security.

Indoor Curtain PIR sensors (Curtain PIR Detector Clip PG2)
Ideal for protecting doors, windows, and all glasses. It will cover the range of 2,4, and 6m for optimized performance.

Outdoor Magnetic contact (MC-312 PG2)
A magnetic door contact perfect for protecting any outdoor entry or exit including perimeter gates, pools, garden enclosures, shed door, window and more.

Indoor Sirens SR-720B PG2
Ideal siren for residential and light commercial buildings. If system is in arming mode and detector detects any activity it sends signal to panel and panel rang the alarm to notify something happens in the premises.

Not only for residential we have offer security solutions for commercials, banking sectors.

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How Video Analytics is a Revolutionary Step in Surveillance and Security

As a result of the rapid expansion of industrialization people have expanded their business from one to many storefronts, Offices, and now global enterprise. Therefore, it is impossible for a business owner or management to physically oversee all of their operations in order to keep an eye on their personnel and assets.

Modern surveillance systems integrate edge-based analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise persons and objects in the field of view of the camera. Deep learning-capable software can utilise different matching to notify users in real-time of occurrences and hasten investigations

In this circumstance, a remote video monitoring system is the best solution.

EOCORTEX: A World leading video management software with its reliable analytics is at your door step

Eocortex is a global manufacturer of Video Management Software with AI-based Analytics. All components of Eocortex are created by their team in a single product with no need for customers to contact different providers of Video Management Software or video analytics. Established in 2008, Today It is represented by more than 5000 international partners and is used in 15 000+ implemented projects. As a result, more than 1 million cameras all around the world are managed by Eocortex VMS.

A few Eocortex features which can make the difference for the success of your routine operations:

19 own developed video analytics modules
Designed to make sure all components work stable with each other for better accuracy. Eocortex own developed analytics including: Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Tracking, and Abandoned Object Detection etc.

All components are created regardless of hardware brands
By now over 7600 devices are perfectly integrated with Eocortex VMS and the company is constantly integrating new ones. If there is a camera non-integrated yet, Eocortex team provides fast and free of charge integration.

Connect an unlimited number of cameras and servers to the system
As well as combine different systems based on Eocortex, making the system easily scalable. All components of Eocortex are designed to work with each other in the most efficient way – reducing the amount of required servers and cost of the system.

Reservation and backup features
Allow not to lose a second of archive or monitoring to stable and safe operation of your systems.

User-friendly interface
Allows to set up Eocortex in 15 min. and manage the system even for non-trained users.

Eocortex 4.0 – more powerful than ever!
Release of the mind-blowing VMS version, where a reduced system load and a large number of features are combined as given below.

  • 10 times faster object search
  • 10 times faster work with reports
  • 8 times lower CPU of Client PC
  • 10 times lower RAM usage
  • Use 2 times more cameras with Face Recognition on the same hardware
    another brand-new module. It is possible to count different types of objects (people, vehicles, animals

For hassle-free and 24/7 surveillance, there is no best alternative to a remote monitoring system. It’s an effective way to deter crime and investigate incidents on your premises. A surveillance system can also help you monitor the activities of your employees and customers. These are almost impossible for you to monitor all the time physically. So, you must consider setting up a surveillance system with if you have multiple businesses or large premises.

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Save Electricity Bills using advanced Lighting Management Solutions

Whenever we think about energy saving, we usually bring up alternating our daily routines and purchasing energy efficient appliances. Lights are all time operated appliances which consumed most of electricity and increases overall cost.

But in modern era of technology why we limit ourselves to the old conventional way to switch on and off the lights with old traditional ways where we have something more than manually operated switches with energy savings.

It’s time to broaden imaginations and look for a different solution that will enable to produce results more effectively.

What is lighting control?
Lighting controls mainly consists of different types of sensors used for indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, Industrial and residential areas which helps to operate the lights when and where it’s needed by various types of detection technologies.

From Past Few years most attention gained product for lighting control are various sensors.

Below are some sensors used for lighting controls offered by us.

1) Motion Sensor:
These sensors designed to detect moving source of heat and switched on the light automatically according to the temperature difference and ambient light measured.
It emits the radiations and these are reflected back as the moving source of temperature detected.
It requires the movement in detection area after Predefined time.

2) Occupancy Sensor:
These sensors will turned ON the light if the space is occupied.
It does not require any movement so that there is always constant lux value present in a room if a person is there.

3) Microwave Sensor:
It is temperature independent detector to detect the moving source of heat through various material to turn On/Off the lights.

4) PIR Sensor:
These sensors does not emits any radiations so it’s called passive sensors.
It responds to some type of input from physical environment to light On/Off the.

5) HCL Sensor:
Human centric Lighting sensors worked on biological rhythm of people for artificial lightings in a room

Ever Wondered! Now get lighting Management Solutions at your door step
B.E.G : A German based brand for lighting sensors

Application of Lighting Control sensors:

  • Hallways
  • Staircase
  • Small and open offices
  • Toilets
  • Conference Rooms
  • High-bay Warehouse
  • Sport Halls
  • Storage Rooms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Corridors
  • Parking Area
  • Underground Parking area
  • Entrance/Access Roads


  • Eliminate wall clutter and streamline Décor.
  • Easy Scene selection
  • Remotely controlled
  • Extend life of lightning equipment
  • Save electricity and hence overall cost
  • Improve safety and security

Click on the below link to get an experience of a unique energy saving calculator offered by B.E.G.
B.E.G. Energy saving Calculator

It has been estimated that a single unit of electricity saved at the end point is equal to 2.3units generated. Hence saving electricity is a big step taken towards green building development to reduce fuels used for electricity generations
Let’s look into an example for approximate electricity saving for staircase.

For Residential Meter Without PIR Motion Sensor With PIR Motion Sensor
Power capacity of one tube light in watt 50 50
Operational hours of corridor tube lights 12 3
Total consumption in watts per day 600 150
Number of days in a month 30 30
Total power used by one tube light in kw 18KW 4.5KW
Cost of electricity per kw in Rupees 90 22.5

For higher wattage Electrical Appliances the saving will be much more accordingly.

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Worried about your work status at construction site!

Demand for a new breed of construction worker with in-depth knowledge of both the physical environment and emerging technologies is rising as a result of the rapidly developing field of construction technology.

The technology stack of today provides tremendous solutions for enhancing the construction process, site conditions, and assisting craftsmen in their work better, faster, and more effectively.

Time-consuming for both contractors and owners is the constant physical inspection of every site. The amount of material needed must be properly calculated because it is sometimes possible for materials to be left over after a job is finished, leading to waste or increasing the amount of material needed.

Ever wondered! Now you can effortlessly monitor your job from anywhere at any time without any physical burden.

Open space
A San Francisco-based firm called Open Space uses 360-degree photos to give construction projects a new level of openness. The system makes it exceedingly simple to record an exhaustive visual history of a project site, share it over the cloud, and monitor progress.

The most advanced analytics tool is offered by OpenSpace, which also offers next-generation reality capture software with strong integrations. Just switch on the 360-degree camera, tap Go, and enter your place.

Why OpenSpace Capture?

  • Connect to app and capture 360deg video, Photos and 3D LiDAR Scans.
  • Vision Engine maps images to floor plans and BIM gives best view.
  • Create observation Notes, Punch List, RFIs all easily synched and shared.
  • Easily exported the data to PDFs and JPGs.
  • Improve design and project coordination with virtual design and BIM tool robust reporting

OpenSpace Solution offers for,

  • Owners : Manage defects ,delays and risk
  • General Contractors : Streamline coordination
  • The Traders: Manage crews efficiently

OpenSpace is the leader in tap and go passive video capture and automatic photo mapping. It provides unprecedented insight into project status and progression.

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Laser Security System: An unique innovation in the field of physical safety

A trustworthy security system is essential when it comes to worries about the security of property and assets in today’s society. People installed a variety of motion detectors to guard against burglaries. These detectors sound an alert when they detect the physical activity of burglars inside a secured area.

Rapidly evolving security technology has led to the development of a cutting-edge Laser security system that solves the problems associated with indoor and outdoor false alarms and covered all areas.

What is laser Security System?
It is a laser-based security system to guard the home from break-ins. The device creates a focused beam of light that can be used to detect intruders.

It offers a virtual window or wall with a detecting area for people identification.

The device is placed in accordance with the mounting location and the desired direction of the detecting region.

With the REDSCAN series, Laser OPTEX has strengthened the level of physical security.

How it works?
Indoor and outdoor laser wall-creating devices are available from OPTEX, a global leader in the production of dependable and high-performance infrared intrusion detectors.

Rescan uses laser beams to build a virtual wall for windows, doors, ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

It offers camera control that can recognize the location of intruders to control pre-set positions and divide the detection area into several sections. The system can report and email the manager the photographs.

Laser beams, Detectors, and Alarm Units are the main components of this security system.

How it works?

  • The security system keeps sending a laser-powered narrow beam of light into the air. It continues to send light into the air until a stationary object in front of it blocks it.
  • The beam that strikes the stationary item is reflected back into the device having the detector.
  • The detector continuously keeps measuring the light falling on it after reflection.
  • When the Laser Security System is idle with no one coming into the path of the beam, there will always be the same amount of light coming to the detector.
  • When any burglar comes in the path of the light beam, the path of light gets disturbed and the amount of reflected light falling on the detector gets altered in its direction.
  • On noticing the change in the falling light, the detector considers it an intrusion attempt and activates the alarm.
  • The alarm goes off with a loud sound to alert the intruder as well as the security personnel.

Advantages of OPTEX Laser Security System

  • Highly accurate in detecting objects
  • It can identify the Size, Speed, and Distance of moving objects.
  • Not affected by extreme weather conditions
  • Products can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on our requirements.
  • Built-in camera assistance.
  • The system resists animals and hence does not give a false alarm.


  • Residences
  • Industries
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Data Centres
  • Defense
  • Construction sites
  • Railway tunnels

Now create an invisible wall to capture thieves and protect your property.
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SALTO KS: Key as a service

A Cloud-based smart access control solution that fit your business!
As far as the security of assets and premises is concerned, access control devices are now in demand. Easy and reliable solutions offer comfort and peace of mind.

SALO KS is a scalable and flexible cloud-based platform as a smart access control solution with best-in-class real-time capabilities for an access control system.
It acts kay as a service that sends and receives a mobile key with the smartphone.

Now it’s possible to monitor every access point from anywhere at any time.

  • Endless integrations are possible with SALTO wireless smart door lock or a device with internet connections
  • A cloud-based management platform to keep track of the event, and remotely unlock or block users with all doors from a single place.
  • Eliminate extra man-hours or costs for rewiring.
  • Achieve a greater level of security and cost efficiency.
  • No more managing mechanical keys. Streamline operations and scale globally

How it works?

  • Door access points are equipped with SALTO wireless locks which take commands from IQ inside the property.
  • Takes any combination of locks to manage access through a whole property or even across different properties at a different location

SALTOKS.COM and Mobile Application
To create access groups, manage groups and view entries to the particular property.

It comes in different variants to the cloud and Bluetooth and to connect the KS smart lock. The IQ2.0 uses 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular connectivity to communicate with the SALTO cloud.

Door Locks
SALTO cylinder and escutcheon are specially designed to fit different profile doors; even narrow profile framed doors. It can be installed on exterior doors as well. SALTO offers a wide range of finishes to choose from.

RFID tag that makes keys a thing of the past. The tag triggers the lock to engage within seconds so visitors or staff can enter easily and according to their access rights.

With SALTO KS Access control solution it’s possible to make the premises accessible to the people where and when they should. According to this cloud-based access control solution is more advantageous for,

  • Co-living Co-working
  • Hospitality
  • Retails

Now Do not worry about losing the mechanical keys of your Secured area, send and receive a digital key with SALTO KS.

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Solo Detector Tester: How quickly could you test Fire Detectors without ladder?

Fire detectors are installed to protect the assets and premises against fire. Sometimes it may happen that installed detectors do not respond properly after a fire occurs and do not sound an alarm, which leads to serious damage to the property. To get an early warning and avoid immense damage, people need proper maintenance of detectors within a certain time interval.

The Importance of Testing Fire Detectors

A fire alarm system is an actual lifesaving system. In order to operate and communicate an alarm properly, it needs to be tested and maintained regularly.

  • It confirms Functionality
  • To protect people and property
  • Maintenance and testing reduce false alarms
  • Testing of fire detectors decrease liability claims
  • It will increase reliability

A simpler and smarter way to check if your Fire Detector is working properly or not!
Solo is the most popular range of test and maintenance equipment for smoke, heat, and CO detectors.

How it works?

  • Solo test heads connect to telescopic access poles to allow testing and maintenance of smoke, heat, and CO detectors to take place.
  • Once the relevant test head is connected, the pole can be raised and testing carried out.
  • Poles allow access to heights of up to 9 meters, making for easy and professional functional testing and removal of detectors.
  • Smoke and heat required for function testing is generated itself by the testing equipment as a replicate of fire smoke particles or heat particles which are inserted into fire detector.
  • Actual status will be shown on the fire alarm control panel connected to the system.

Why Solo for testing fire Detectors?

  • It ensures testing is in compliance with codes and standards
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Approved by detector manufacturers
  • Core product UL certified

A SOLO range consists of following for smoke & heat detector testers
1) Electrically generated smoke & heat detector testers:
It generates the smoke required for testing the detectors electrically.

Solo 365 smoke detector tester

  • An innovative tester for functional testing
  • Solo 365 delivers smoke via solo ES3 cartridge
  • It has a cartridge and capsules to generate smoke with an inbuilt battery

Solo 461 heat detector tester

  • It is designed specifically for the purpose of testing heat detectors.
  • It ensures safe and reliable testing with heat detectors

2) Aerosol based smoke & CO Aerosol Dispenser: It introduces smoke through detector vents into the sensing chamber

Solo 330 Aerosol Dispenser
For functional tests, we need to introduce (simulated) smoke through the detector vents and into the sensing chamber. The Solo 330 dispenser is the most popular device for achieving this, benefiting as it does, from a cup big enough for the great majority of detectors.

3) Detector Testing Aerosols

Solo smoke & CO aerosols
Approved all over the world.

It delivers smoke particles to the detectors under test, replicating the smoke from a fire

4) Detector Removal & Installation Tool

Solo 200 Detector Removal
Tool Compatible with most detectors.

The Solo 200 features colour-coded heads which rotate to provide a combination of settings and lock into place to fit different sized detectors.

5) Solo Access Poles

Solo access poles are at the core of most fire engineer’s kit. The telescopic access poles allow detectors, installed at heights of up to 9 metres to be easily reached and tested.

Access poles save time, cost and disruption and reduce the risk and disruption posed by other access equipment such as towers and ladders.

Solo access poles are the only poles designed and approved for use with the Solo, Testifire and Trutest product ranges.

5) Solo Detector Testing Kit

The range of Solo testing tools are available in economical and convenient kit formats.

The contents of each are determined according to your individual testing needs.

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