Automatic Lighting Sensor for Staircase

Good illumination is important to ensure safety when using stairways. But lights switched on unnecessarily are a waste of energy. Using on-demand lighting means the light is reliably switched on, but only when it is really needed. An additional advantage of automatic lighting control is that no-one has to search for the light switch in the dark. And if your hands are full, the light is automatically switched on

  • BL2 is a ceiling mounted motion detector for indoor use with a 360° detection area
  • For mounting in suspended ceilings
  • One channel for light switching
  • Easy parameterising by remote control (optional)
  • Basic functions for cost-effective applications
  • Ready-to-operate after unbox
  • Accessory for surface mounting and flush mounting available
  • Factory setting: High detection sensitivity.
  • A wide detection area as per movement of people is shown in fig.
  1. Walking Across
  2. Walking Towards
  3. Smaller Movement


  • Corridors
  • Hallways
  • Staircase
  • Dress area
  • Equipment room

Hence, if you are looking for fully automated lighting for your stair case send your inquiry to us.

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