Challanges of protecting Heritage sites _ Hochiki Wireless solution

A heritage is a country’s legacy with which we have lived today and will pass it to the next generation. The heritage buildings represent a great risk of fire due to their densely packed wooden structures.

We often light up the heritage places, which increases the chance of a short circuit, which could cause fire. Because of the many people present at these heritage sites, we need to protect these places.

Fire Protection Solution

In recent years, more efforts have been made for the protection of heritage. The probability of a fire occurring can be reduced by taking preventive measures. Early detection of the fire is the key to minimising the damage caused to the heritage buildings.

Fire alarms are placed in such places to avoid the risk of fire, by detecting the smoke and initiating the alarm. Wireless fire alarm systems are widely used nowadays, which are more convenient for the heritage as they will reduce the number of wired installations.

What we offer?

Hochiki offers a flexible and wireless fire alarm system with advanced patented technology. It will establish a secure wireless connection between the installed devices and the controlling equipment.

The detectors detect the smoke and initiate the control panel for an alarm. The advanced wireless communication protocol enables the delivery of fully intelligent device integrations.

FIREwave is a wireless based family product that ensures the following

  • Expandable: Configurable to any size and complexity of building.
  • Simple to install: Fast deployment with minimal disturbance.
  • Flexible and versatile: Suits all building type.
  • Huge range for fire detection with expandable module for heritage.
  • UL and FM certified products.

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