CRESTRON’s All-in-One Solution for safety and security

Crestron Home offers comfort and convenience with its best-in-class solutions. Everything within a home is controlled with ease on one intelligent platform. Whatever you want, wherever you are, it’s a tap and everything simply works the way you want it every time.

A Crestron system consists of different devices, including management processes, I/O switches, touch screens, and panels to manage custom solutions. Crestron allows system designers and integrators to define a custom user interface.

For security purpose door locks and video door phones are connected in a home. It is possible to control these both via the Creston touch panel.

How it works?

The BAS-IP video door phones and Crestron touch screens are Rava SIP intercom and phone technology compliant, which makes the integration possible that turns your sweet home smart.

Crestron Touch screens, BAS-IP Video Door Phones, and Crestron Processors are connected to the same network switch.

The video door phones can seamlessly integrate with electronic door locks. The YALE smart door lock is connected as shown below.

Setup the video intercom to call on the Crestron touch screen. It will ring when the touch button is pressed on an outdoor panel. The Rava Crestron touch screen will start to ring. Video monitoring allows you to see who is outside your home.

Connection Diagram

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