Detect! Alert! And autonomously respond threats across premises

The most crucial purpose of any security system is to protect people and their properties. Burglary by an unauthorised person’s entry into the premises is one of the important factors to be considered when thinking about security solutions.

Visonic offers security solutions whose aim is to monitor and detect unauthorised access to premises. These systems are used for a variety of purposes in both residential and commercial buildings. It protects premises from burglary, vandalism, property damage, and the security of individuals inside buildings.

Visonic intrusion alarms offer complete security. Wireless panels for burglar alarms like special detectors for windows, doors, sensors, motion sensors, glass break detectors, sirens, etc.

An integrated security solution will detect the presence of intruders and send alerts in the event of a security incident.
Let’s have a look at a simple integrated intrusion alarm system for the home.

Control Panels:

Every intrusion system is equipped with its brain. Almost all of the devices installed as a part of intrusion system is connected with control panel via wired or wireless communication When intrusion system is armed or any detector is in the action the alarm panels wakes up and produces its desired action such as strobe, siren silent alarm. An alert Notification send to your mobile or tablet.

Keypads are generally used as an ideal solution for controlling basic alarm functions from different location in the home or small business premises and is compatible with the power Master family of intrusion alarm system.

Most alarm systems have some form of keypad, which is used to turn the system on and off, this is also known as arming and disarming. The keypad activates and deactivates certain devices that are connected to the security alarm system.

Intrusion Alarm Devices

Intrusion alarm devices perform a variety of functions, and they are designed to work together seamlessly to provide security solutions for unique facilities.

Intruder detectors’ primary function is to detect any suspicious activity on the premises and notify the owners to secure their property. Detectors are commonly installed on main doors, fixed or sliding glass windows, and doors from which intruders may enter.

Here are some options for how to install a security detector in your home and how they protect your property.

Outdoor PIR Detector (Tower CAM PG2)
An innovative wireless outdoor PIR is perfect solution for instant capture of thieves in outdoor areas like garden in the premises, outside of home. Camera immediately starts recording when an alarm is activated. Camera range is same as PIR coverage so its capture if anyone trying to come from garden area when owner has arms the system for security.

Indoor Curtain PIR sensors (Curtain PIR Detector Clip PG2)
Ideal for protecting doors, windows, and all glasses. It will cover the range of 2,4, and 6m for optimized performance.

Outdoor Magnetic contact (MC-312 PG2)
A magnetic door contact perfect for protecting any outdoor entry or exit including perimeter gates, pools, garden enclosures, shed door, window and more.

Indoor Sirens SR-720B PG2
Ideal siren for residential and light commercial buildings. If system is in arming mode and detector detects any activity it sends signal to panel and panel rang the alarm to notify something happens in the premises.

Not only for residential we have offer security solutions for commercials, banking sectors.

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