Energy-efficient high bay lighting can cut your energy costs by up to 60%.

Every large industrial setup requires a larger working space in order to function and expand its business. Spaces like large commercial buildings, industries, and warehouses are the most important spaces for every company and require specialised lighting setups for uniform illumination due to high ceilings.

Due to the extreme mounting height, conventional detectors have difficulties here as they are designed to detect tangential movement which makes its energy consumption difficult to control.

Specialized High bay lightning is used for high ceiling space for continuous lightning. These solutions can be deployed with occupancy detectors for a wide range of setups to suit the precise needs of the user and the environment. It will allow the user to save energy and time while offering continuous illumination control in a large space.

Specialized Warehouse Lighting Control System by B.E.G.

Warehouse lighting is a common high-bay lighting setup. It has a huge interior dimension, which makes this place inherently challenging to illuminate uniformly. There is a deep shadow of goods and shelves that creates a penetration of light beams, so there is a constant lighting issue. B.E.G offers a lighting control solution with ceiling-mounted occupancy detectors specially designed for large heights. These detectors will turn on and off the lights.

When there is the presence of a person in a large space with a high ceiling, it has a 360-degree coverage area. To avoid penetration, care should be taken while mounting the detectors.

In the warehouses, various sectors are to be monitored using motion detectors, and the lights are to be automatically switched on. For optimum detection in high bay warehouse aisles, the detectors mounted on the ceiling are positioned in such a way that the aisle between the storage racks is monitored if a person enters, and it will control the lighting.

How it Works?

If a person enters a corridor, it will turn on the lights at the entrance only. If any worker steps into a cross aisle, the lights in both cross aisles are switched on. The light in a racking aisle is only activated once a worker enters the controlling area.

These detectors have one potential free contact, which offers precise control and more reliability. As low operation costs and high convenience are the main aspects of any industry, this solution is well suited for decreasing maintenance requirements, increasing energy efficiency and improving lighting quality. Thus, it will help to develop smart warehouses.

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