Enhance the fire safety with an advance Smoke Detector

A properly designed, installed, operated and maintained fire alarm system can reduce the losses associated with an unwanted fire in a building. These losses includes property end most importantly human’s life. Primarily for the fire safety early notification to the building occupants is most important to take the action.

Working of Smoke and Heat Detectors

  • Smoke detectors are installed to detect the fire that protects both people and property. The property can be a warehouse, commercial building, residential building, office space, commercial space, shopping mall, parking slot, and much more. These detectors detect through the smoke that is released from the fire.

RAVEL offers a conventional fire Alarm system with RE 326Series smoke Detector

Conventional Fire Alarm System

  • A conventional system employs one or more initiating circuits, connected to sensors (initiating devices) wired in parallel.
  • The fire alarm system initiating devices are mainly heat and smoke detectors with audible or visible alarm indicating devices.
  • These circuits provide warning to building occupants.

RE 326 series has a smoke detectors working on photoelectric Technology.

Product Features

  • Compatible with all conventional Fire Alarm Panel
  • There are range of 2/4 wire detectors in series
  • Innovative thermistor sensing circuit it will give 57deg Thermal detection
  • Photo electric detector with unique optical sensing chamber to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources.
  • Dual LED’s for 360 visibility.
  • Advanced detection and communication protocol.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Sleek low -profile housing design.
  • EN-54 standard.

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