Enhance the security of your facility with Guard Tour Management system

A guard tour management system is used to help organizations organize, log and execute guards patrolling their assets within a predefined time interval.

The guard tour system eliminates the challenges faced by managers for security operations by knowing the guard’s efficiency from reports of assigned duties. It reduces paperwork and work time.

A SURAKSHA SAHYOG software is developed through which an owner can easily monitor and assign tasks to guards even in large factories, industries and areas.

Benefits of Guard Tour system

  • Simple and convenient
  • Reliable and accurate data on guard’s activity
  • Offers automation
  • Streamline security operation

In any organization, there are a number of units which has to be monitored by different guards at a defined time for security reasons. Every unit is considered as a Checkpoint where BLE Beacons are installed and registered for a specific unit.

The guard has to scan the Beacons placed at every checkpoint via Bluetooth device. The monitoring of particular checkpoints is assigned to them by managers. The software will save the real-time data of the guard’s activity.

  • In this software database of the guard is created first then the duties assigned to them. Custom groups of guards with their identification numbers are created to observe their visits to specific locations.
  • It is possible to import 3rd party database into the software to fetch the data of guards if a company already has data in any other database.
  • The scanning application is designed for android and IOS devices.

Define Routes

  • A security manager will define the duties of a guard and he has to visit the place in an exact sequence defined by the manager if he is assigned for sequence-wise route type or he can visit the place according to his way if he has been assigned not sequence-wise route type.
  • Sequence-wise route type: A guard has to follow the exact sequence defined by the manager to monitor the checkpoint.

Not Sequence-wise route type:-If the guard has assigned routes not sequence-wise type then he can visit the checkpoint without the following sequence by a manager.

Scheduled Routes

  • Now, the scheduled date, scheduled time and Greece time for visiting every checkpoint are defined according to their route names as shown below.
  • The report has been generated to check whether the guard has completed his duty on time or not considering given Greece time.


  • Reports can be generated according to the schedule routes assignments start date and end dates.
  • It is also possible to generate custom reports as per specific requirements.
  • Checkpoints, routes and status of completion can be seen from the generated report.
  • Filters are applied to track the activity of a specific guard and the report can be exported to your pc directly.

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