Enhance the security with Multi-Factor Authentication IP Video Door Phones

Enhance the security with Multi-Factor Authentication IP Video Door Phones

Security has become everyone’s top priority all across the world. To enhance the security of an important area, user authentication devices are installed to restrict access. By using the credentials assigned to the users, they are allowed or denied access to enter such places. The main function of installing these devices is security.

In residential complexes, IP video door phones are installed at the entrance of the home for security purposes. The resident can see and speak with the guest or visitor outside the home and allow or deny their entry by assigning them the entrance credentials.

For biometric devices Fingerprint, PIN, Face recognition, RFID Cards are used as user authentication credentials for security purposes, as every person has different biological patterns. Using these credentials, only authorised people will be allowed to enter the area.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a method that requires the user to provide two or more forms of identity verification before they are allowed access.

As far as advanced technology matters, only traditional passwords or PIN methods are not secure enough, as they are simple to hack. Multi-factor Authentication is an extra layer of security which can be implemented when needed.

It is possible to create combinations of mobile applications, RFID cards, PINs, and any other biometric credentials. Physical security systems are known and commonly referred to as access control. Multi-factor authentication is typically deployed in access control systems through the use of first physical possession such as fobs, key cards, or QR codes and secondly, validation of one’s identity such as biometrics.

BAS-IP video door phones with advanced multi-authentication facility

BAS-IP video door phone offers a reliable solution for access control in residential complexes. Residents can increase security by using an IP video door phone with multi-factor authentication. It allows you to assign multiple credentials to visitors or guests and only an authorised person can enter the home.

In BAS-IP video door phones, we can configure the need to use 2 to 6 identifiers of different types. In multi-factor authentication, any combination of the following will be allowed to assign the guests, and users must show the credentials based on the factors assigned in the device.

1. A resident can grant guest access to a visitor using a QR code. They can assign the temporary credentials with special access limited by time or a specific number of passes.
2. A personal identification number (PIN) is assigned to each user. Every user has a different PIN number for identification.
3. Face recognition: BAS-IP offers face recognition in outdoor panels. When a tenant is identified, the door station can automatically open the door. Multi-factor authentication allows the combination of face and card, or face and mobile ID, etc.
4. UKEY mobile application: Now only smart phones are needed to open the doors. With the help of UKEY technology support, smart watches can also be used to unlock doors.
5. Using the Link app, residents of the complex can independently enter the car numbers of guests or expected deliveries to go to the territory. He can also specify the range for entrance and all numbers are stored in a single identifier.
6. Key fobs or access cards: RFID cards and key fobs are assigned to the authorised person. The user needs to keep these credentials with him when he wants to enter the restricted area. It is not a short-term credential.

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