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After the world was ravaged by COVID, humans started thinking out of the box and moved toward touchless technology. With the increasing automation and digitalization processes in the world, these solutions are reliably implemented in different sectors like offices, residences, hospitality, banks, healthcare, education, and others for monitoring and controlling human operations.

Humans nowadays want to make their daily tasks easier, and the use of this technology will put them one step ahead in terms of operational reliability. Better solutions and implementations of technology always lead to saving energy, time, and money, which ultimately builds up safe trust.

IP Video Door Phones for visitors scanning and access.

A video door phone is an intercom system that manages calls at a building’s entryway. The access control system is linked to the door phone intercom. It will communicate with both the inside party and the outside guest, allowing both to gain access.

Wireless video door phones are in high demand due to the growing use of wireless technology. This device can be used to replace a doorbell, exit buttons, or call panels.

Due to their reliable design and attractive appearance, contactless doorbells are installed at apartment doors, as elevator call buttons, and in hotels near entrance rooms. Residents can mention the apartment name, number, and any logo for identification. It gives residents the option to mention their apartment name, number, and any logo for identification. In addition to providing convenience for guests, contactless solutions prevent the spread of germs.

Call buttons illuminated with different lights allow one to instantly determine whether a call has taken place or not. The doorbell front panel is housed in an aluminum case with a 2 mm thickness, which will give the exterior a modern and elegant look.

Advantages of IP Video Door Phones

  • Individual, stylish entrance panels with a contactless button are suitable for installation both in an apartment and in an office, at a factory, at a gas station, etc.
  • Contactless exit button with a service life of over 100 million operations it is ideal for walking through areas with a large number of entry/exit cycles and public places.
  • Contactless doorbell for connecting to video or audio intercom allows you to make a safe building.
  • In the future, you can change the outdoor panel to video without replacing the bracket or doing any new installation work. The elegant solution is executed in the colour of the building style and can be applied to any name or apartment number, making projects stylish and understandable for users.
  • A proximity button that can be connected to an individual or multi-apartment entrance panel to duplicate a concierge call button or be used as an exit button. There are both mortise and overhead mounting options and two colour indication.

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