Go Bright and Save Electricity with Lighting Control Solutions

Due to economic development, rising populations, and technological developments, there has been an increase in the consumption of energy around the globe. Due to the increase in energy consumption, it has become very expensive. In order to control the expense, organisations are trying new ways to consume less energy.

In current times, lighting control has become one of the most popular and effective systems to save energy. Lighting is one of the most consumed energy sources in industries. Lighting is everywhere, but as far as human physiology is concerned, the comfort and need for the intensity of light are different in all places. Automated lighting control with wireless solutions is now a trend that allows the user to get better lighting as they want bright or dimmed lights at different time intervals at their homes, offices, and industries.

The integrated system, which includes programmable controllers, detectors, sensors, and lights, provides various solutions for occupancy control, intelligent and cost-effective multi-room lighting control, building solutions, and biodynamic light control.

Motion detectors offer security and convenience, which can be adjusted to requirements on the spot. The desired area is covered by an outdoor control system.

How does it function?

In an indoor automation system, these detectors are used to detect moving sources of heat in their detection area and switch the light automatically according to the ambient temperature. The detection area of detectors is divided into smaller sections, and the detectors will measure if there is any heat radiation resulting from this. If there is any temperature difference caused by any movement, it is detected by sensors integrated with detectors. These sensors are passive infra-red sensors as they do not emit any radiation. Lights will be switched on based on this technology and reduce power consumption.

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