How to integrate Third-party Gas leak detector with your existing Visonic Door Contact in Home?

Gas leaks are hazardous and can have disastrous consequences if action is not taken promptly. Recently, gas leak detectors have been deployed in places where there is a possibility of leakage to sound an alarm, to operate the area and give the people an opportunity to leave.

The conventional gas leak detectors are connected to the control panel by hardwires to give the signal as gas is detected and sound the alarm. If the fire occurs due to leakage, the hardwired system may burn out.

Visonic PowerG technology devices allow you to wirelessly connect any third-party gas leak detectors to the control panel.

For example, connect RAVEL’S Gas Leakage detector with the control panel as shown below.

  1. Connect Visonic Door Contact’s Auxiliary input pins with a gas leak detector
  2. The gas leak detector is powered individually
  3. As gas is detected, the detector sends the signal to the Power Master Control Panel, which sounds the alarm and also sends the notification in the mobile application.

In the web GUI of the control panel, the user can see the status of the detector which has activated.

Block Diagram


  1. Enhance the safety of home.
  2. Reduce extra cost of fire control panel installation.
  3. Convert the system in wireless Gas detection.
  4. 24 hours operating condition is possible.
  5. Mobile app notification and alerts make the system more reliable.

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