How Video Analytics is a Revolutionary Step in Surveillance and Security

As a result of the rapid expansion of industrialization people have expanded their business from one to many storefronts, Offices, and now global enterprise. Therefore, it is impossible for a business owner or management to physically oversee all of their operations in order to keep an eye on their personnel and assets.

Modern surveillance systems integrate edge-based analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise persons and objects in the field of view of the camera. Deep learning-capable software can utilise different matching to notify users in real-time of occurrences and hasten investigations

In this circumstance, a remote video monitoring system is the best solution.

EOCORTEX: A World leading video management software with its reliable analytics is at your door step

Eocortex is a global manufacturer of Video Management Software with AI-based Analytics. All components of Eocortex are created by their team in a single product with no need for customers to contact different providers of Video Management Software or video analytics. Established in 2008, Today It is represented by more than 5000 international partners and is used in 15 000+ implemented projects. As a result, more than 1 million cameras all around the world are managed by Eocortex VMS.

A few Eocortex features which can make the difference for the success of your routine operations:

19 own developed video analytics modules
Designed to make sure all components work stable with each other for better accuracy. Eocortex own developed analytics including: Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Tracking, and Abandoned Object Detection etc.

All components are created regardless of hardware brands
By now over 7600 devices are perfectly integrated with Eocortex VMS and the company is constantly integrating new ones. If there is a camera non-integrated yet, Eocortex team provides fast and free of charge integration.

Connect an unlimited number of cameras and servers to the system
As well as combine different systems based on Eocortex, making the system easily scalable. All components of Eocortex are designed to work with each other in the most efficient way – reducing the amount of required servers and cost of the system.

Reservation and backup features
Allow not to lose a second of archive or monitoring to stable and safe operation of your systems.

User-friendly interface
Allows to set up Eocortex in 15 min. and manage the system even for non-trained users.

Eocortex 4.0 – more powerful than ever!
Release of the mind-blowing VMS version, where a reduced system load and a large number of features are combined as given below.

  • 10 times faster object search
  • 10 times faster work with reports
  • 8 times lower CPU of Client PC
  • 10 times lower RAM usage
  • Use 2 times more cameras with Face Recognition on the same hardware
    another brand-new module. It is possible to count different types of objects (people, vehicles, animals

For hassle-free and 24/7 surveillance, there is no best alternative to a remote monitoring system. It’s an effective way to deter crime and investigate incidents on your premises. A surveillance system can also help you monitor the activities of your employees and customers. These are almost impossible for you to monitor all the time physically. So, you must consider setting up a surveillance system with if you have multiple businesses or large premises.

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