Illuminate underground area efficiently

Installing outdoor lights are much about safety. Integrating next generation motion sensors with outdoor lights will offers a convenience to a user with saving of energy cost. Illumination in a wide underground areas are one of the part of exterior or outdoor lighting which also needs a compatible lighting control system for better operation.


  • Underground areas are always dark as there is a no space for sunrays to come inside. Underground areas like basement or parking”s are often brightly illuminated even when no-one is there. Which increases operating time of lights and ultimately cost of energy will increase.
  • When people enters in a basement he/she need to phase a darkness till they reached to the manual light switches.

B.E.G offers a demand driven lighting solution particularly designed for Underground areas

  • By installing motion detector the lighting is activated only where there is a motion detected. Once the detectors stop detecting lights will be turned off.
  • The R-C Plus next family of products are best suited for underground areas.
  • These sensors has special arrangement will allow to cover wide area to be monitored. It will adjusted to the required spot
  • The range can be adapted to the location by mechanical adjustment of motion sensor.
  • Motion detection with 280deg area and anti-creep zone
  • Wall, ceiling and corner mounting available for installing at any outdoor area
  • Special socket for external corner mounting
  • Mechanical range adjustment
  • Different follow-up time depending on direction of movement
  • Manual switching via pushbutton
  • Adjustable ball head
  • Parameters can be changed with optional remote control
  • Mounting height can be 2m/2.5m/5m
  • Detection range Max.20m Across Max 6m Towards Max 4m anti creep protection


  • Outdoor Areas
  • Parking Area
  • Underground car parks
  • Highbay warehouse

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