Indoor Entry Phone for Guest Access with BAS-IP

The biggest concern at a complex or at home is controlling access from unwanted people. It becomes very challenging for owners to be aware of the door 24×7. To overcome this challenge, biometric devices are installed as an access control solution which will allow the entrance of authorised people only. Sometimes unauthorised visitors like family guests and delivery boys visit the place, but they are not allowed to enter inside the building as they do not have any access control credentials.

BAS-IP – Video Door Intercom with QR Code Feature
The QR code is one of the contactless medium available today. QR codes will be easily read by digital devices that store the information and allow you to perform the operations. For certain mobile applications, digital scanners are used to scan the code.

Residents can issue guest access to visitors. It is a special access limited by time or number of passes. Guest access allows them to enter the premises, open the door, and interact briefly with the resident.

IP-video door phones offered by BAS-IP have a software called LINK as a centralised access control medium. It allows you to flexibly manage all the functionality.

  • Resident or owner should enter into the personal link account where all the available outdoor panels and doors are shown.
  • Select the door needed to enter by visitor.
  • Owner has choice to Generate guest ID type QR code or a special LINK
  • Resident can send a QR code or LINK to a guest using email or messenger.
  • A QR code needs to be scanned on the outdoor panel’s screen to get access.
  • If a guest has a link, he opens the smart phones to see each of the panels and open the button.
  • The door is unblocked after pressing the button on the LINK.

The guest access system can be flexibly customised by,

  • Number of Passes
  • Access Points
  • The time during which this restriction works, and much more.

Hence, it is one touch video door phone which gives us better visitors scanning and access control option.

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