Intelligent Lighting Control Solutions for a Smarter and Efficient Lifestyle

The first thing that we notice when we enter a space is its ambience, which is created by the lighting. The lighting control system is intended to provide the appropriate quantity of light wherever and whenever it is required.

The major advantages of a lighting control system are saving energy and the ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface device. It allows custom lighting scenes to be created for different activities in the room.
An intelligent lighting control solution contains detectors to turn ON/OFF the lights and the manual lighting control devices.

What is an occupancy sensor?

An occupancy sensor detects the presence of movement within its given range. Whenever the space is empty, then it automatically deactivates the light so that energy can be conserved. This device activates the lights routinely by detecting the occurrence of people and provides security and convenience. It offers continuous lux value in the room.

What is a Motion Detector?

Motion Detector switches the light depending on movement and ambient light. When any quick motion is detected, it will turn on the lights, and if no movement is detected within a specified time, it will turn off.

Curious about the most Lighting Control Solutions in the industry?

B.E.G. is a renowned developer and manufacturer of lighting control devices with over 45 years of expertise in the industry. It offers reliable and energy-efficient products that bring you more comfort, energy savings, and safety.

The PD4-M-3C-TRIO occupancy detector is ideal for classrooms and training rooms.

  • It has two contacts one of them is dry for two groups of lights.
  • Separate switching is also possible.
  • It has two independent movable light sensors.
  • Additional Functions can be set up using the remote control.

PD11-M-1C-FLAT is a particularly flat occupancy detector used in Small Offices, Corridors/ Hallways and Staircases.

  • It is the smallest and flattest sensor offered by BEG for a large detection range.
  • It can be installed on a suspended ceiling.
  • Detection area can be extended with a slave device.

PD2-M-2C is an occupancy detector for toilets, equipment rooms, and open-plan offices.

  • Occupancy detector with a circular detection area.
  • One channel for light switching.
  • Alarm pulse: The detector triggers only when three movements are detected within 9 Seconds.

BL2 is a Motion Detector designed for staircases, corridors, and equipment rooms.

  • Ceiling Mounted motion detector for indoor use with a 360-degree detection range.
  • Remotely controlled with easy mounted in a suspended ceiling.
  • One channel for light switching.
  • High detection sensitivity.

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