Keyless Entry with UKEY Mobile Access Control

Increase in digitalization offers human a great comfort and convenience. Performing daily task by digital gadget is a one of the best part of it which offers multiple and reliable operations with a single device. A platform which is most commonly available now a day for smart controlling are Mobile applications.

As far the security concerns people protected their doors with Video Door phones. The outdoor panel’s needs access control credentials for unlocking and allows only authorized person to come inside.

  • It may happen to forget the access cards or key holders when leaving the home.
  • There is a possibility of breakdown or lose the card.
  • The normal access cards can be copied or used by third-party so there is a possibility for unauthorized entry into premises. Mobile identifiers cannot be copied
  • When access control system installed in parking area ,A person have to go close to the access point

Introducing UKEY Technology for Keyless entry!
With BAS-IP UKEY Mobile access control app installed in iOS and android device a person can open the door easily.

BAS-IP outdoor panels are installed at the entrance with advanced features which supports UKEY technology and performs this operation.

Simple steps for unlocking are

  1. Take your mobile Phone
  2. Bring mobile to the panel and activate the screen
  3. Door Opens

Download Mobile Application

Receive the Code Mobile identifier is different

Open the Door

  • Unlocked the screen or just pressed the “Power” button. Activate your phone, using the “Raise to wake”.
  • Once unlocked, enter the UI program and open the door by clicking on the button.

Devices supported UKEY identification technology are as below.

  • Multi apartment outdoor panels
  • Multi button outdoor panels
  • Individual outdoor panel
  • BAS-IP reader

Technology best suited for:

  1. Residential complexes
  2. Office centres
  3. Parking

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