Laser Security System: An unique innovation in the field of physical safety

A trustworthy security system is essential when it comes to worries about the security of property and assets in today’s society. People installed a variety of motion detectors to guard against burglaries. These detectors sound an alert when they detect the physical activity of burglars inside a secured area.

Rapidly evolving security technology has led to the development of a cutting-edge Laser security system that solves the problems associated with indoor and outdoor false alarms and covered all areas.

What is laser Security System?
It is a laser-based security system to guard the home from break-ins. The device creates a focused beam of light that can be used to detect intruders.

It offers a virtual window or wall with a detecting area for people identification.

The device is placed in accordance with the mounting location and the desired direction of the detecting region.

With the REDSCAN series, Laser OPTEX has strengthened the level of physical security.

How it works?
Indoor and outdoor laser wall-creating devices are available from OPTEX, a global leader in the production of dependable and high-performance infrared intrusion detectors.

Rescan uses laser beams to build a virtual wall for windows, doors, ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

It offers camera control that can recognize the location of intruders to control pre-set positions and divide the detection area into several sections. The system can report and email the manager the photographs.

Laser beams, Detectors, and Alarm Units are the main components of this security system.

How it works?

  • The security system keeps sending a laser-powered narrow beam of light into the air. It continues to send light into the air until a stationary object in front of it blocks it.
  • The beam that strikes the stationary item is reflected back into the device having the detector.
  • The detector continuously keeps measuring the light falling on it after reflection.
  • When the Laser Security System is idle with no one coming into the path of the beam, there will always be the same amount of light coming to the detector.
  • When any burglar comes in the path of the light beam, the path of light gets disturbed and the amount of reflected light falling on the detector gets altered in its direction.
  • On noticing the change in the falling light, the detector considers it an intrusion attempt and activates the alarm.
  • The alarm goes off with a loud sound to alert the intruder as well as the security personnel.

Advantages of OPTEX Laser Security System

  • Highly accurate in detecting objects
  • It can identify the Size, Speed, and Distance of moving objects.
  • Not affected by extreme weather conditions
  • Products can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on our requirements.
  • Built-in camera assistance.
  • The system resists animals and hence does not give a false alarm.


  • Residences
  • Industries
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Data Centres
  • Defense
  • Construction sites
  • Railway tunnels

Now create an invisible wall to capture thieves and protect your property.
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