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Assume switches, and you might immediately think of typical analogies. But much like everything else in our environment today, switch dynamics are evolving.

The modern Smart Switch has evolved over time from purely and simply dimming and turning lights on and off with a built-in scheduling system to the new-age Smart Switches that are available with technologically cutting-edge features and aesthetically pleasing finishes. They are no longer limited to specific forms and functions.

Introducing Rhombus the European brand

The brand creates a mark to the Indian market with a through understanding of customization and requirement of comfort. The brand offers customised switches and sockets with an aesthetic finish and superior functionality. Catering to the rapidly changing interior decor market, these innovative contemporary electrical switches are available in a variety of finishes like metal, stone, wood, leather, porcelain, Plexi to suit various decor styles.

The innovative concept of customization offers flexibility to interior designers working in all the sectors like residential, hospitality, commercial segments.

Rhombus produces Contact closer keypads, cresnet connected keypads and toggles. Custom finishes for Horizon and Horizon ex dimmers give a complete custom control for lifestyle.

One smart switch is capable of taking the place of a variety of devices and performing many duties. Apart from aesthetics some creative points like keypads without visible screws, unique buttons complied with international electrical and safety standards attracts more.

To achieve the best automation, innovative keypads support various technologies like KNX, Cresnet, 3rd party automation etc.

The Iconic keypads from Creston are available in infinite finishes with having features:

  • Highly Configurable
  • Designer aesthetic
  • Superior button feel
  • Multi-colour backlight
  • Custom engraving
  • Four Different button style

Benefits of smart switches

  • Convenience
  • Greater Control
  • Energy Saving

Rhombus has EU, BS, US IT International Standards.
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