Lighting and HVAC control on a single platform with B.E.G.

In today’s world, more and more devices are becoming smart and automated. In these times, HVACs also have a need for a simple and bidirectional integration control system. Every control system has sensors as an integral part. Basically, these are input devices that receive the input signals and commands and send them to the controlling system for the operation.

What does HVAC control mean?

HVAC controls consist of devices that control the operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in a home. Usually, the sensors are used to compare the device state and target value to perform switching operations. The equipment gets the command from the controlling system on how to perform under certain conditions.

HVAC equipment uses almost 50% of total energy for its operation. Improvement of applied control techniques could be the more efficient way to prevent energy loss by these devices.

The concept of optimising the control system will allow us to reduce the primary supply cost and improve the efficiency of the system. Occupancy sensors are used for lighting control in the home. These will switch the lights depending on the movements of the heating source and the ambient light. This system will switch on the lights when needed.

Ever Wonder? Find a seamless solution with BEG for lighting and HVAC control together!

With modern sensor technology, it is possible to integrate the control systems of HVAC appliances and lighting. Modern homes are equipped with the capability to control many functions through wired and wireless control devices. We can operate the doors, lighting, and HVAC from anywhere that can access the internet.

B.E.G offers a combined platform of normal lighting, emergency lighting, and HVAC controls with occupancy detectors.

With lighting control, it has independent output channels for HVAC control. Ceiling-mounted occupancy detectors for indoor use provide energy-efficient control of heating and ventilation. It has separate potential free contacts for switching. It will work on the same concept of lighting control that compares actual value to required value for ON and OFF the HVAC appliances.

These detectors will turn on heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment based on the programme and completely cut off the cycle when the switch is turned off for efficient HVAC control and to avoid standby losses.KNX standard occupancy detectors have separately programmable output channels for HVAC. The programmable ceiling or wall-mounted detector series offers better convince for indoor applications.

Ultimately, the system will allow us to operate the connected loads where people are present and when they are needed.

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