OPTEX: An Intelligent Perimeter detection solution to level up the security system

Perimeter is the outer boundary of any premises from where intruders come inside for burglary. The enclosed premises can be Home, industry, Warehouse, defence, cantonment, etc. Perimeter protection is important as it’s a first stage form where thieves implement their ideas.

OPTEX is a world-leading manufacturer of next-generation innovative sensors which can be integrated with another system for burglary alerts, visual information and reduce false alarms. Nowadays, property owners mostly rely on surveillance systems to assist security staff in monitoring physically their assets.

The security system of any premises is categorized in mainly three zones from boundary to indoors as shown in the below figure. OPTEX offers a range of intelligent sensors for all three categories.

ZONE A Perimeter Sensor: Threat detection at your boundary

ZONE B Middle Area Sensor: Threat Detection at doors and windows/ multiple doors and windows.

ZONE C Indoor Protection: Threats detect if come inside and no one is at home.

How it Works?

  • Any premises can be made inaccessible for an unauthorized person or thieves by installing sensors all around the perimeter which will trigger the alarm if someone comes under its range of detection.
  • The sensors will notice an unusual movement in their detection range.
  • On noticing movement the device will send the warning message to the control panel
  • On getting the alert message control panel responds and alerts the security person of an intrusion attempt taking place.
  • CCTVs, when integrated with the Intrusion Detection System, will increase their efficiency by manifolds making them a real-time event recorder as well as a detector.



  • Prevents unauthorized entry
  • Prevent Burglaries
  • Safeguard lives
  • Prevent accidents at critical place
  • Reduce human efforts
  • Spontaneous Response
  • Immune to pet alarms
  • Reduce false alarm through its patented technology
  • Compatible with multiple brands of intrusion panel

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