Protect Yourself by Integrating a Fire Alarm System with an IP Video Door Phone

In the contemporary world, advanced technologies that make living easier have become increasingly prevalent. People require more reliable systems for the safety and security of their assets as digitalization processes become more widespread.

To provide safety against fire damage in residential or commercial buildings, fire alarm systems are installed. This specialized system alerts people when smoke or fire is detected, helping in saving lives in emergency situations.

• IP Video door phones connected with magnetic door locks will allow access to the place after showing the authorised credentials of the enrolled person.
• In case of fire occurs inside a home it need to open the door quickly and without fail.
• There is no such a time to showing the credential every time when every family member coming outside to save the life.

How to integrate Video Door Phones with a Fire Alarm System

• The function of operating magnetic door locks is performed by BAS-IP exterior door panels installed at the entrance of the home.
• In the case of this integration, the SAND controller is connected in between the fire alarm panel and the BAS-IP outdoor panel.
• As the fire alarm activates, it will send the signal to the controller.
• After getting the signal, the controller will give the command to the outdoor panels to unlock the magnetic door locks.
• The programming of the controller will make it possible to open the doors for the time being till everyone goes outside.

• Easy Integration Process.
• Safety and Security are both in one solution.
• Reliable Operation
• Low Running Cost

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