Save Electricity Bills using advanced Lighting Management Solutions

Whenever we think about energy saving, we usually bring up alternating our daily routines and purchasing energy efficient appliances. Lights are all time operated appliances which consumed most of electricity and increases overall cost.

But in modern era of technology why we limit ourselves to the old conventional way to switch on and off the lights with old traditional ways where we have something more than manually operated switches with energy savings.

It’s time to broaden imaginations and look for a different solution that will enable to produce results more effectively.

What is lighting control?
Lighting controls mainly consists of different types of sensors used for indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, Industrial and residential areas which helps to operate the lights when and where it’s needed by various types of detection technologies.

From Past Few years most attention gained product for lighting control are various sensors.

Below are some sensors used for lighting controls offered by us.

1) Motion Sensor:
These sensors designed to detect moving source of heat and switched on the light automatically according to the temperature difference and ambient light measured.
It emits the radiations and these are reflected back as the moving source of temperature detected.
It requires the movement in detection area after Predefined time.

2) Occupancy Sensor:
These sensors will turned ON the light if the space is occupied.
It does not require any movement so that there is always constant lux value present in a room if a person is there.

3) Microwave Sensor:
It is temperature independent detector to detect the moving source of heat through various material to turn On/Off the lights.

4) PIR Sensor:
These sensors does not emits any radiations so it’s called passive sensors.
It responds to some type of input from physical environment to light On/Off the.

5) HCL Sensor:
Human centric Lighting sensors worked on biological rhythm of people for artificial lightings in a room

Ever Wondered! Now get lighting Management Solutions at your door step
B.E.G : A German based brand for lighting sensors

Application of Lighting Control sensors:

  • Hallways
  • Staircase
  • Small and open offices
  • Toilets
  • Conference Rooms
  • High-bay Warehouse
  • Sport Halls
  • Storage Rooms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Corridors
  • Parking Area
  • Underground Parking area
  • Entrance/Access Roads


  • Eliminate wall clutter and streamline Décor.
  • Easy Scene selection
  • Remotely controlled
  • Extend life of lightning equipment
  • Save electricity and hence overall cost
  • Improve safety and security

Click on the below link to get an experience of a unique energy saving calculator offered by B.E.G.
B.E.G. Energy saving Calculator

It has been estimated that a single unit of electricity saved at the end point is equal to 2.3units generated. Hence saving electricity is a big step taken towards green building development to reduce fuels used for electricity generations
Let’s look into an example for approximate electricity saving for staircase.

For Residential Meter Without PIR Motion Sensor With PIR Motion Sensor
Power capacity of one tube light in watt 50 50
Operational hours of corridor tube lights 12 3
Total consumption in watts per day 600 150
Number of days in a month 30 30
Total power used by one tube light in kw 18KW 4.5KW
Cost of electricity per kw in Rupees 90 22.5

For higher wattage Electrical Appliances the saving will be much more accordingly.

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