Save energy Indoors by Using B.E.G LED lights

A lighting in the room is the first thing we have ever noticed when enter the space. The lighting control system are designed to provide the right amount of light where and when we needed. The modern décor system of home involves artificial lights with good appearance, illumination and saving of energy.

Recent development in the field of motion detection is use of microwave technology with detectors. The use of this technology at a high frequency offers temperature independent motion detection with extremely short response times. B.E.G offers Indoor LED lights depending on this technology with integrated detector is not visible.

On the basis of this technology lights will be switched ON when any movement or temperature difference is detected. It will not be operated if the space is not occupied and get turs off in a specified period. Thus, it will reduce the operating time and energy consumption. In home or offices, it is possible to switching the lights and changing the colours according to scene.

Most Cost Effective
Ceiling Mounted LED Light

Most Cost Effective
Ceiling or Wall Mounted LED lights

  • Easy installation.
  • Three colours in one light, switchable selection between warm, neutral or daylight white illumination
  • Energy efficient light with long service life > 50,000 hours
  • Anti-glare system with recessed LED and diffusers
  • Integrated microwave sensor, not externally visible, wide detection range
  • HF technology: 5.8 GHz – reacts to the smallest motion, independently of temperature
  • High Fire Protection ratings


  • Corridors
  • Halls
  • Staircase
  • Storage rooms
  • Cellers
  • Toilets

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