Seamlessly unlock with Suprema’s multiple Access Control Credential Biometric Devices

Access control systems are used to limit the access of individuals to certain spaces, access control credentials ensure successful authentication .By having access control credential interaction with devices it permits or limit the entry of specified area. Access control credentials are mainly RFID Cards, Biometric patterns like finger prints, Face, Key fobs, PIN, Mobiles etc.

As per revolutionary concerns in an access control credentials, biometric market grows up more as everyone has different patterns and based on that identification is more accurate.

A rapid change occurs due to the Outbreak of Covid-19 with an increase demand for contactless innovations, AI based facial recognition solutions have quickly replaced fingerprint recognition. Face to face registration and contactless authentication feature
Suprema is dedicated to focusing their efforts on developing industry-leading AI-based facial recognition and mobile access card technology. It offers

  • A proper identification who actually enter and exit the space
  • Access authorization can be revoked
  • Transference of access authorization can be prevented
  • All required interactions can be performed in a contactless way.

These four requirements of access control credentials show that the most satisfactory credentials are AI-based facial recognition and mobile access cards — the final step of evolution in access control credentials. The knowledge gained through the 6,000-year development of the access control industry has brought us to these two superior forms of credential authorization, which are expected to become the industry standard of the future.

SUPREMA Technologies

  • Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm
  • Live finger detection technology
  • Open supervised device protocol support
  • Face recognition technology
  • Live Face Detection
  • PoE with centralized and distributed system

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