Secured and Stylish Multi Apartment Panels with advanced features

Nowadays people are preferring advanced and modern security systems for their premises and IP Video door stations are a well-suited option for them. In the residential towers, commercial real estate or hospitals multi-apartment panels are installed at the entrance of buildings to increase their security.


  • As far as the security concerns of a large residential area, it is difficult to allow the visitor to enter the premise without informing flat owners.
  • In front of every house and building, you can see a doorbell or door entry panel. For the most part, they are old and extremely primitive.
  • For the better convenience and comfort, people need to perform multiple operations through a single device

Bas-IP offers Multi Apartment Panels to enhance the security

  • Multi Apartment Panels are installed at the entrance of the tower.
  • It communicates with an indoor monitor screen and with high-quality video transmission and clear sound.
  • The IP entrance panels transmit data through a local network which improves signal quality and makes it possible to build a strong network at a large distance.

Application Diagram:

Main features of Multi Apartment Panel:

  1. High resolution camera easy face recognition
  2. Backlit coloured screen and with mechanical buttons with unlimited resources of keystrokes
  3. UKEY Multiform at reader support for various format
  4. It has SIP support for calling
  5. Customization of interface and sound greeting
  6. Guest access by QR code
  7. Quick support by LINK software
  8. Open door via UKEY
  9. Integration with video surveillance
  10. Integration with access control system
  11. Easy access via PIN

Hence, Pay LESS take MORE with bas-IP solutions available with us.
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