Video Door Phone with Intercom for Residential Complex

What is a Video Door Phone?

A video door phone is an intercom system used to manage calls at the entrance to a building. The door phone intercom is integrated with the access control system. It will communicate with the inside party and the outside visitor with each other, allowing them to get access.

Due to the increase in popularity of wireless technology, wireless video door phones are in high demand. This device can be used to replace a doorbell, exit buttons, or call panels.

How it Works?

When a visitor presses one of the outdoor pushbuttons, the built-in camera is connected, and the image captured will appear on the monitor screen. The connection is made without the use of a wired network. As it is a one-touch video door phone, the conversation will start in a few seconds.

Advantages of Video Door Phone

• The possibility of internal audio and video communication between subscribers (intercom).
• Communication with the concierge/services of the house/utilities/security, etc. directly from the screen of the intercom.
• Connection to a smart home automation system and control it even with a smartphone.
• Receiving a call, conducting a conversation, and controlling the door lock using a mobile device.
• Informational notification of residents by the administration of the house or services.

The Best Video Door Phone

The BAS-IP video door phone offers a reliable solution for access control in residential complexes. It offers indoor monitor screens, multi-apartment panels, individual outdoor panels, touchless exit devices, etc. By pressing the one button in the apartment, the resident can contact the concierge or security of the complex. The residents use their monitors to open the door. After that, the guest can go up to the floor where the resident lives in the elevator.

It is also possible to control visitor access with an IP intercom when the ID is provided at the entrance and the lift can bring them directly to the floor. The IP cameras can be viewed from the monitors.

In BAS-IP outdoor panels, face recognition technology is implemented for user identification. Face and card or face and mobile ID will increase the security as it has two-factor authentication, i.e., face and card or face and mobile ID. They have designed a mobile-based application to allow access control remotely. The latest android-based technology is implemented in video door phones with electronic locks.

It is the most feature-rich, open-architecture, and stylish video intercom system. This will make your home smart by offering convenience and an intelligent communication medium.

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