Why Crestron for A complete Home automation?

With the increase in digitalization, the world is moving towards remote and automatic control of home appliances. It is possible to connect Home Appliances in the network through different communication protocols and control it by different controllers remotely. A smart home involves end to end automation system which enhances the security and comfort of users.

Home automation system used for controlling indoor and outdoor lights, Heat ventilation air conditioning in the house, opening and closing the doors and gates, curtain control, climate control, Humidity and temperature control, occupancy sensors etc.

Benefits of Home Automation System:
Saving: Smart lighting system saves energy, cutting utility costs over time.

Safety: Automated system helps people with door lock control and also the camera hence it enhances the safety.

Convenience: Smart gadgets are compatible with one another and perform a rote task automatically

Control: People can choose smart home devices to better control function within the Home.

Comfort: Automated and connected devices can help to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Peace of Mind: Smart cameras and other remotely controlled devices allow to monitor the home after going outside.

Ever Wondered! Now control everything in the Home on an intelligent platform available with Crestron
From customized luxury smart home automation to scalable out-of-the-box collaborative tools, Crestron provides award-winning, cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer experiences.

Crestron Home automation segments:

Why Crestron?

  • The US-based brand stands for technological innovation since 50 years.
  • 3 years of product warranty.
  • Two different types of processor
  • CP4-Customised GUI: Seamless Integration with all products
  • CP4-R Home series fix GUI: Fixed Programmed based Automation
  • No software and programming is required for configuration in any iPad and tablets one simple operating system is available.
  • 3rd party Integration is possible it can be connected with
  • Video Door Phones
  • Visitor management and access control
  • Cameras for security purposes

Hence, Crestron brings your idea of home to life, with more comfortable and convenient smart home technology.
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