Worried about your work status at construction site!

Demand for a new breed of construction worker with in-depth knowledge of both the physical environment and emerging technologies is rising as a result of the rapidly developing field of construction technology.

The technology stack of today provides tremendous solutions for enhancing the construction process, site conditions, and assisting craftsmen in their work better, faster, and more effectively.

Time-consuming for both contractors and owners is the constant physical inspection of every site. The amount of material needed must be properly calculated because it is sometimes possible for materials to be left over after a job is finished, leading to waste or increasing the amount of material needed.

Ever wondered! Now you can effortlessly monitor your job from anywhere at any time without any physical burden.

Open space
A San Francisco-based firm called Open Space uses 360-degree photos to give construction projects a new level of openness. The system makes it exceedingly simple to record an exhaustive visual history of a project site, share it over the cloud, and monitor progress.

The most advanced analytics tool is offered by OpenSpace, which also offers next-generation reality capture software with strong integrations. Just switch on the 360-degree camera, tap Go, and enter your place.

Why OpenSpace Capture?

  • Connect to app and capture 360deg video, Photos and 3D LiDAR Scans.
  • Vision Engine maps images to floor plans and BIM gives best view.
  • Create observation Notes, Punch List, RFIs all easily synched and shared.
  • Easily exported the data to PDFs and JPGs.
  • Improve design and project coordination with virtual design and BIM tool robust reporting

OpenSpace Solution offers for,

  • Owners : Manage defects ,delays and risk
  • General Contractors : Streamline coordination
  • The Traders: Manage crews efficiently

OpenSpace is the leader in tap and go passive video capture and automatic photo mapping. It provides unprecedented insight into project status and progression.

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